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Gold Coast DentistStraight, clean and shiny teeth are simply a reflection of health and dental hygiene. Making them look as good as possible is as important as maintaining physical health because that’s what they’re a reflection of. After all, health is beauty. Yellowed, stained, chipped or crooked teeth signify lack of care for your teeth. To really look and feel your best, having great looking pearly whites is a must.

Cosmetics aside, your teeth are also an integral part of health. When cavities make your teeth ache, it can become difficult to chew. This can lead to weight loss, further stress, root canals or even loss of teeth without proper care. Elderly people with missing teeth or dentures often find themselves losing interest in one of the most fun things in life – great tasting food. Toothaches can also cause debilitating and life-disrupting headaches or even migraines. Having a good dentist means saving yourself from all of that trouble before it even presents.

A Quality Dentist Gold Coast Residents Expect

If you want to know what kind of procedures a dentist can perform in order to create a perfect smile, you will be relieved to know that there are many – and most options are affordale. However, the wide variety of basic and cosmetic dental care depends on the current state of your teeth and how you want them to look. Some people want a ultra white smile which is perfectly straight. Others want straight, white teeth that still look natural and not blindingly white. A good specialist will listen and guide you towards your ideal without imposing their own opinion on you.

It is best to start with regular check-ups, even if you don’t care about aesthetics. Your health comes first and that entails nipping cavities in the bud or fixing worst case scenarios with root canals in order to save your teeth. If sitting in the dentist’s chair scares you, imagine yourself with a headache resulting from pain penetrating the entire nerve root of a rotting tooth. Think of your dentist as a friend who will first numb the pain and remove the cause so you never have experience that throbbing pain again. Regular check-ups also means avoiding these very situations.

Routine cleaning is essential for healthy teeth. Some people have molar teeth that extend so far back that plaque is impossible to remove on your own. Having a routing cleaning every three to six months removes hardened particles of food that may have been stuck in crevices you can’t see. Without routing cleaning, these would remain there even with regular brushing and eventually lead to cavities. Additionally, the cleaning procedure also enhances the whiteness of your teeth by removing surface stains due to tea, coffee or soft drinks. If you want an even brighter smile, simply ask about whitening. You’ll have the option to choose a colour from a range of natural pearly white to as white as possible.

How To Get Straight Teeth

If you want perfectly straight teeth or if you have a noticeably crooked grin, you may need braces. The best time to get these is when all of your milk teeth have been replaced. Not only is it easier to get used to having braces as a child, the teeth are more malleable at that age. Even if you are now an adult, having braces can do wonders for your smile.Dentist Conducting An Oral Procedure

If you absolutely can’t be seen with metal in your mouth but still need to knock a few teeth back into form, try Invisalign. These clear braces simply make your teeth look shiny while they work invisibly. You can wear them to work, shopping, parties – anywhere. We will make sure you get a perfect smile with minimal disruption to your normal life.

Having straight teeth is very important because not only does this allow you to smile without feeling self-conscious, it can impact the shape of your mouth. Ask your dentist to show you a series of before and after photos of clients who have had their teeth straightened. You’ll notice that after teeth straightening, the lips appear fuller and the mouth more symmetrical. This means that straightening out the teeth has an affect on the appearance of your mouth even when it is closed. This indirectly affects the overall look of your face. Never underestimate the power of dental work and orthodontics!

One of the cosmetic procedures many are curious about is the perfect “Hollywood smile”. Believe it or not – no one is that naturally lucky. When your second set of teeth came out, you may have noticed how the ends were slightly jagged. This is normal and helps teeth break through the gums. Have you ever noticed how celebs have perfectly straight teeth along the bottom surface? This is also a cosmetic procedure called filing.

Others are self-conscious about sharp canines or spaces that remain in between teeth even after braces. If you have the problem of “vampire teeth”, you may have a slight advantage while chewing steak but a slight amount of discomfort having to “say cheese” for the camera. Veneers are a quick, simple fix to this problem. A layer of porcelain is modeled into a shape perfectly suited to your teeth and inserted over any or each of these “vampire” teeth to make your smile more even. A good dentist will make your smile your best accessory.

Whatever your dental need is, we are here for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can improve your teeth and smile.